One-click hole saw change 

 Carbide hole saw and Power Change Plus System 


Carbide hole saw with the Power Change Plus System is a response to users who want:

  • a multi-purpose application offering a long lifetime,
  • an efficient adapter to quickly change hole saws.



The Carbide hole saw belongs to a new Bosch range: Endurance for Heavy Duty within the Bosch hole saw portfolio.
It offers longer lifetime than Bi-Metal in tough materials. The new improved “Power Change Plus Adapter” makes life easier.



The Carbide hole saw supports the toughest applications. Its main innovations are:

1 Cuts where BiM hole saws fail: Bosch Carbide Technology ensures more heat resistance of the teeth,
2 Outstanding lifetime: individually welded teeth ensure extreme durability (20x versus BiM hole saws),
3 Increased cutting depth: for cutting materials up to 60mm in one cut,
4 Hole saw release in 1 second: standardized system for all diameters.


Which material can we cut?

The Carbide hole saw can cut: metal, wood/drywall, steel, plastic, ceramic, brick, tile.


Carbide vs Bi-Metal

Increased lifetime by 20x. Watch the video.


The Power Change Plus System

The keyless Change Plus System includes a new adapter and new pilot drill bits. The main improvements of the Power Change Plus Adapter are:

1 Improved robustness of hexagon shank: increased diameter from 8.0 to 8.7 mm,
2 Robust and Precise: the improved design ensures a stable and precise system,
3 Improved pilot drill guidance.


The new pilot drill bits plus

Main advantages are:

1 Keyless pilot bit change: a unique keyless system connecting power tool and hole saw,
2 Stronger pilot drill: increased diameter from 6.35 to 7.15 mm,
3 3x lifetime and speed: due to the new tip design.

* old drill bit as reference (picture).


Step by step change

The Power Change Plus Adapter can be used with all hole saws and a hole saw change takes one second requiring one "Click".

1 Pull the new Power Change Plus Adapter (a) and eject the used Carbide hole saw (b).
2 Take a new Carbide hole saw.
3 Insert it in one click only.


Comparing the change

Changing a hole saw with the Power Change Plus Adapter is faster than the previous adapters. Keyless change. Look at the video comparison.


Tips/How to drill?

The new pilot drill bits plus, particularly suitable for metal and stainless steel, are ideal to first drill the pilot hole. It offers you:

  • More accuracy and visibility than a fixed system,
  • A smooth and safe start in metal drilling. Prevents tooth/pilot drill bit breakage when engaging metal.



+ What are the advantages?

The main advantages to use a Carbide hole saw are:

  • Multi material. Cut 60mm in depth in one step,
  • 20x longer lifetime than Bi-Metal hole saws,

The main advantages to use the Power Change Plus System are:

  • One click to change the hole saw and pilot drill,
  • One click to eject the plug,
  • Smooth and safe start in metal drilling, prevents tooth/pilot drill bit breakage when engaging metal,
  • More accuracy and visibility than a fixed system.

+ Who is the target group?

Carbide hole saws users are:
  • Plumbers, electricians, construction workers, builders, drywall installers, etc,
  • Professionals in various construction trades dealing with heavy applications,
  • Users who need to cut different diameters and materials.

target group

+ What is the range?

The Endurance for Heavy Duty range offer sizes in diameter from 20 to 127 mm.

The new Plus Adapter is available in different lengths.

The new pilot drill bits plus offer a range of size in diameter from 65 to 105 mm.

to the right material.

+ How is the packaging?


  • Blister with insert Carbide tipped or Power Change Plus System,
  • Box (set) with transparent lid.

+ Why Bosch?

Unique Carbide hole saw in the market with 60 mm in cutting depth.

Carbide cuts all: metal, wood, steel, drywall, plastic, ceramic, brick, tile.

The Power Change Plus System is the only keyless quick change system in the market.

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